Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just call me Chef Boyar-Bryson

And the verdict is................................................ I'M GOING TO WINDY GAP!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that was me at Summer Staff last summer in Southwind!)

I finally got the phone call last night from Windy Gap telling me to grab a plane ticket and be there on Saturday! I'm so stinking excited I just want to run around the office screaming "RICK, RICK, RICK!!!" (some of you might get that). You want to know the best part?? I'm going to be working in the KITCHEN. Yes, ME, actually preparing food. I was a little weary of this at first but I mean seriously? What a better way to serve the Lord than to serve some kids delicious..hopefully delicious.. food. :-D Now, if you know me well then you know that I absolutely don't cook. It's not because I don't like to or anything -- I just never have really HAD to cook for anybody. I did a little grilling and chilling when I lived with a couple of girls way back when but that was about it. I worked at Primos so I just survived on chips and salsa.... come to think of it... not much has changed. THANKS MOM! :)

Can I please tell you that my BEAUTIFUL mom (pictured on the left) has a serious salsa eating problem and I love it. She went to the store the other day -- bought TWO containers of Julios salsa and some other random one.. I opened the fridge that next morning and noticed one of the Julios was gone and the other salsa was about 2/3 full... I looked at my mom and said.. "Did you seriously eat the whole container of Julios salsa? I could have sworn there were two yesterday." Hahaha and folks she did. Now, mom, I'm not making fun of you so please don't think that. I love that you are a salsa addict! That's where I get it from! That was the only thing she ate for dinner and that satisfied her. Isn't she cute :) Sweet, spicy, momma!

Anyway -- back to Windy Gap. I told my boss this morning and she was surprisingly supportive! What a great thing. She had nothing but sweet things to say about me going -- not that she WANTS me to leave or anything -- but that she can tell how excited I really am. My other boss however, he is out of town so I don't have to be the one to tell him. Oops!! Tehehehe. I am going to miss it here at the Hyatt a little bit - but not enough to stop be from going!!!

I am sad to be missing my best friends 21st birthday while I'm there -- but I am also so lucky to have such an understanding, supportive best friend to be excited with me about this opportunity! Love you mucho Brittany Lee (pictured with me on the left)!!! My little flooden.

OH and THANKS to Alexis and Jena for coming to hang out with your Younglife leaders last night -- we had such a great time laughing and chatting with you girls. I'm going to miss all of my Younglifers oh so much too. Don't forget about me over those few weeks. Hahaha!

I have aquired one aquafina bottle.. just for old times sake. CRAP I'VE GOT TO CLEAN OUT MY DESK! OH NO!

...this is scary...

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