Monday, July 13, 2009

Serious Bloggage.

Hokay, so. Clearly I am very busy at work because I just created my first blog.

I noticed my mom and sister are loyal followers of bloggers so I wanted to jump on that bandwagon! I can't say that I'm going to be very persistent with this, but who knows. I could become addicted.

As I look at my desk -- I noticed that I have 3 Aquafina bottles just hanging out with me. Ironically, they all have the same amount of water left in them. None finished, but about 1/5 left. OCD? No, coincidence?..Maybe.. Great blog discussion? YOU BET! I can only imagine what people think when they walk by and see a family of Aquafina's relaxing on my desk -- a couple of them must be confused because the tops of them are some what cloudy. No, not my fellow co-workers.. the bottles!!

I guess I should move onto something interesting -- even though I was pretty excited about the Aqua talk. "Talking it up.. on the Aquafina talk show.. talkin bout' hydration.. talkin bout' making fun of Dasani." --Barry Gibb Tune--

Yesterday, I went to my first rehearsal for a dance show that I'm about to be in. It's called the Move to Groove Ball and is held out in Dallas. My dance director from the Frisco Thunder gave me a little ring a couple of weeks ago asking if I wanted to perform in one of her numbers. OF COURSE I SAID YES! It has been a while since I last danced so as you can imagine. I'm hurting today. Walking around like someone kicked you in between the butt cheeks isn't the most attractive thing. All in all it was a really good rehearsal though. I get to dance/play with a neck tie and some chairs and well, I'm a wommaaaannnn.. W-O-M-A-N.... duh duh duhhhhh... You can bet that's the song we are dancing too! Maybe my dad won't be attending this production. :) Tehehe.

Great -- just got stuck with some more excel spreadsheet work. Thank you to Ms.Cole, BCIS, and my sister for making me so educated in this field. Now, my boss makes me do all of her excel work since she can't even figure out how to open the program. I love my job, I love my job, I love my job................

I guess I'll write something else whenever I feel like its blog worthy. Phew! I'm nervous!!


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I have someone who can make you a header if you want one :) And of course I can totally help make it pretty, HAHAH!!! Cuz you can't leave it boring---that's not you =)

    We can have a blog tutoring session sometime soon if you want!!!!!

    Love that all of the water bottles have the same amount left in them! Sounds like something I would do...drives Rob bonkers!!!

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm seriously LOL!!!!! SItting here, alone, and just can't quit chuckling. Is it because I know you so well and can hear you saying all this stuff and singing Barry Gibb?? Yep!! Anyway, I'm NOT a blog follower!! HA! I just follow my other daughter, on occasion. Now I have 2! Yay! I needed another reason to be on the computer. :)