Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ello, stranger.

Yeah, so I know it has been a few *cough months* since I have blogged. However, I am ready to hop back on the.. band.. wagon.. I have no idea where that was going.

I'm going to make this one short though because, well, if I keep going on and on I could be late to the STARS game!! Woo! Thats what I'm talking about. My glorious friend Daniel (pictured below), decided to make my WEEK and invite me to go to the game with him this evening. It gets better -- we are going to be watching from a sweet suite (and yes I planned ahead of time to write that). Most of you know how much I LOVE attending sporting events so I am pretty stinking excited to say the least.

I have a whole lot of stuff I need to catch you followers (all 9 of you) up on. Just bare with me and I will be posting some pretty legit stuff soon.

Man -- I kind of missed this thing.

Anyway, I'm going to go get ready for this game.

Okkkkaaaaayyyy awkward post bye.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Even more good news

Okay -- this is just getting to be too perfect. This AMAZING girl Courtney that was on Summer Staff with me last year just made this trip even better. I am flying into Knoxville and I was just going to see if she wanted to grab lunch with me before I took a rental car over to Asheville Airport in North Carolina (about 2 hours away). Well, her wonderful self offered to DRIVE me straight to WINDY GAP and pretty much spend the afternoon with me! I am almost to tears I am so excited to see this woman. She is such a super star!!! Not to mention the sweetest little Southern bell that you have ever met. She says things like "dern" and she also wins every beauty pageant she enters. Oh and did I mention she loves the heck out of the Lord? Yeah. Pretty much awesome.

Here is this cute little chica!! LOVE YOU COURT!!!!

Just call me Chef Boyar-Bryson

And the verdict is................................................ I'M GOING TO WINDY GAP!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that was me at Summer Staff last summer in Southwind!)

I finally got the phone call last night from Windy Gap telling me to grab a plane ticket and be there on Saturday! I'm so stinking excited I just want to run around the office screaming "RICK, RICK, RICK!!!" (some of you might get that). You want to know the best part?? I'm going to be working in the KITCHEN. Yes, ME, actually preparing food. I was a little weary of this at first but I mean seriously? What a better way to serve the Lord than to serve some kids delicious..hopefully delicious.. food. :-D Now, if you know me well then you know that I absolutely don't cook. It's not because I don't like to or anything -- I just never have really HAD to cook for anybody. I did a little grilling and chilling when I lived with a couple of girls way back when but that was about it. I worked at Primos so I just survived on chips and salsa.... come to think of it... not much has changed. THANKS MOM! :)

Can I please tell you that my BEAUTIFUL mom (pictured on the left) has a serious salsa eating problem and I love it. She went to the store the other day -- bought TWO containers of Julios salsa and some other random one.. I opened the fridge that next morning and noticed one of the Julios was gone and the other salsa was about 2/3 full... I looked at my mom and said.. "Did you seriously eat the whole container of Julios salsa? I could have sworn there were two yesterday." Hahaha and folks she did. Now, mom, I'm not making fun of you so please don't think that. I love that you are a salsa addict! That's where I get it from! That was the only thing she ate for dinner and that satisfied her. Isn't she cute :) Sweet, spicy, momma!

Anyway -- back to Windy Gap. I told my boss this morning and she was surprisingly supportive! What a great thing. She had nothing but sweet things to say about me going -- not that she WANTS me to leave or anything -- but that she can tell how excited I really am. My other boss however, he is out of town so I don't have to be the one to tell him. Oops!! Tehehehe. I am going to miss it here at the Hyatt a little bit - but not enough to stop be from going!!!

I am sad to be missing my best friends 21st birthday while I'm there -- but I am also so lucky to have such an understanding, supportive best friend to be excited with me about this opportunity! Love you mucho Brittany Lee (pictured with me on the left)!!! My little flooden.

OH and THANKS to Alexis and Jena for coming to hang out with your Younglife leaders last night -- we had such a great time laughing and chatting with you girls. I'm going to miss all of my Younglifers oh so much too. Don't forget about me over those few weeks. Hahaha!

I have aquired one aquafina bottle.. just for old times sake. CRAP I'VE GOT TO CLEAN OUT MY DESK! OH NO!

...this is scary...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

North Carolina Come on and Raise Up! Take you shirt.............okay enough.

Day 3.. post #3.. I am just bloggin' and rollin' people!!! Hahaha.

Alright so -- the latest. I was on facebook yesterday (what a surprise right) and I saw my friend Kyle (pictured left) write on his facebook stats "WE NEED SUMMER STAFF GIRLS TO WORK AT WINDY GAP! ANY TAKERS?" -- or something along those lines. I pretty much jumped out of my pants when I saw that. I have been applying everywhere to get a summer staff position!! I applied pretty late though so just about all of the camps were full when I would call and ask. I immediately started bugging Kyle about it and a few moments later I got a call from him telling me to contact the lady at Windy Gap (those are kids at windy gap in the other photo). They have a couple of spots open I believe. I have NO idea what positions they will be but frankly-- I don't care! Anywhoo, she said she would call me this morning after they had looked over my application to let me know what they thought. With that in my mind -- everytime I think I hear my phone vibrate I freak out and open my drawer like a spaz and see that low and behold, it's simply a text message. I wish I had a little clippy for it to attach to my belt like my dad does. He is so hip and cool. Back to Windy Gap - It is located a few minutes north of Asheville, NC. Talk about some beautiful weather there! 80 degree highs... ahhhh such a break from the scorching Tejas heat. (Yes I meant to say Tejas). I would be gone for about 3 weeks. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it's not really working. Bahaha.

Side note-- you know when you haven't really had anything to drink or eat all day but for some reason your stomach decides it needs to burp? Well, that just happened to me and I tried to keep it inside so no one would hear right? That didn't quite work. I'm pretty sure it echoed in my stomach and this guy just happened to walk by my desk right as I did it. I tried to cough or sniff or something to take away from the bellowing in my stomach. I don't think I hid it that well. HAHA.

Alright well, I talked to the people at Windy Gap and they are still waiting to review my app... come on, come on!!! I'm getting impatient!!

Another side note-- I did away with the aquafina bottles.. I did recycle them!! Maybe I'll GET THE SAME BOTTLES AGAIN ANOTHER TIME! How crazy would that be. To have even a smidge of the same piece of plastic that once rested on my desk. So cool.

Danget, I wanted a starburst and the woman who supplies the "goods" has her door locked. OF COURSE.

I'll keep you updated on my Windy Gap. HAHA that sounds hilarious.

Goodbye my blogalicious people.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So, it's day 2... and blog # 2.... SO FAR I'm on a role!!!!

I also totally wrote "blob" up there the first time instead of "blog" and started cracking up.
Talk about being easily entertained!!

Yesterday was a pretty good day! Work flew by and I had a wonderful night ahead of me. I met up with one of my sweet younglife girls and had a great talk. We probably could have sat there and talked for another 3 hours but hey -- we had places to go and people to see! High demand over here!.. Kidding. :)

The Team Younglife Leader for Plano Senior High is transferring over to Lewisville, so we had a going away party for him last night. To you, it may not sound like a big deal. To me, however, this is a HUGE ordeal! Dave was my Younglife leader when I was growing up in high school. Or trying to at least. So I have known him for about 7 years now. This guy -- helped me through the thick, thicker, and thickest times of my life! If it weren't for his constant pursue of my friendship and unconditional love for me and Christ, I don't think I would be half the person I am today. I used to think he was just a crazy man who came to my high school at lunch and tried to drag us to this thing called Younglife -- but now I KNOW he is a crazy man. HAHA Kidding, Dave! To put yourself out there in front of a bunch of random, judgmental high school students is probably one of the most difficult things to do in Younglife. I always thought I knew who Jesus was -- but it wasn't until Dave showed me how to have an intimate relationship with God -- that I truly found out what it meant to be a Christian. He is a blast to hang out with and has been a best friend and big brother to me for years. I found myself calling him after a break - up before even some of my closest girlfriends. He always knew the right thing to say! :) He also helped me break my fear of singing in front of people because well -- now every Monday I scream my lungs out into a microphone in front of our entire Younglife club. Dave, you will be sincerely missed. I can't wait to see what amazing works the Lord has you do in Lewisville! GOOD LUCK! We love you and will miss youuu!!

Enough of the sappy stuff -- after that little shindig the NEW Dave (AKA. Katie Parker.. AKA. KP.. annndd the girl on the right in the picture) and I went to grab a little bite at good ol' Chuy's. Man, I love that place. Creamy jalapeno sauce is where its at!! YEA BOI! That was another chance for some great conversation. I do just love that woman to death! Well, I am helping her house sit for the next couple of weeks. We are kind of getting a little preview of what it would be like to live together because that is something we have been talking about doing here in the near future. What a great roomie she would be! Anywhoo -- we were in their media room.. YES MEDIA ROOM.. trying to find a flick to watch and we started to get a little frustrated. Oh, and laughing hysterically too. Every movie we wanted to watch was not in their case!!! We dug apart the entire entertainment center trying to find these discs.... and no, we didn't find them. The "best" disk we came across was BECAUSE OF WINN-DIXIE... Well, I'm sorry WD but BECAUSE of you we decided to just watch the only movie on TV. Ransom. Which actually wasn't half bad!! Could have potentially given me nightmares about being kidnapped but I had a little Delsym cough syrup before I went to bed so I don't even think that I had a dream. And YES I did actually have a cough that is why I loaded up on Delsym.

Anywhoo -- today should be another lovely day at the Hyatt. My boss isn't in yet and its 10:45 so that is kind of disturbing. Maybe I'll have something really cool to write about tomorrow from what she tells me today.. OOHHH yeahhh my blogs got it going on!!!

At least, I think it does. ;)

Adios amigos.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Serious Bloggage.

Hokay, so. Clearly I am very busy at work because I just created my first blog.

I noticed my mom and sister are loyal followers of bloggers so I wanted to jump on that bandwagon! I can't say that I'm going to be very persistent with this, but who knows. I could become addicted.

As I look at my desk -- I noticed that I have 3 Aquafina bottles just hanging out with me. Ironically, they all have the same amount of water left in them. None finished, but about 1/5 left. OCD? No, coincidence?..Maybe.. Great blog discussion? YOU BET! I can only imagine what people think when they walk by and see a family of Aquafina's relaxing on my desk -- a couple of them must be confused because the tops of them are some what cloudy. No, not my fellow co-workers.. the bottles!!

I guess I should move onto something interesting -- even though I was pretty excited about the Aqua talk. "Talking it up.. on the Aquafina talk show.. talkin bout' hydration.. talkin bout' making fun of Dasani." --Barry Gibb Tune--

Yesterday, I went to my first rehearsal for a dance show that I'm about to be in. It's called the Move to Groove Ball and is held out in Dallas. My dance director from the Frisco Thunder gave me a little ring a couple of weeks ago asking if I wanted to perform in one of her numbers. OF COURSE I SAID YES! It has been a while since I last danced so as you can imagine. I'm hurting today. Walking around like someone kicked you in between the butt cheeks isn't the most attractive thing. All in all it was a really good rehearsal though. I get to dance/play with a neck tie and some chairs and well, I'm a wommaaaannnn.. W-O-M-A-N.... duh duh duhhhhh... You can bet that's the song we are dancing too! Maybe my dad won't be attending this production. :) Tehehe.

Great -- just got stuck with some more excel spreadsheet work. Thank you to Ms.Cole, BCIS, and my sister for making me so educated in this field. Now, my boss makes me do all of her excel work since she can't even figure out how to open the program. I love my job, I love my job, I love my job................

I guess I'll write something else whenever I feel like its blog worthy. Phew! I'm nervous!!