Wednesday, July 15, 2009

North Carolina Come on and Raise Up! Take you shirt.............okay enough.

Day 3.. post #3.. I am just bloggin' and rollin' people!!! Hahaha.

Alright so -- the latest. I was on facebook yesterday (what a surprise right) and I saw my friend Kyle (pictured left) write on his facebook stats "WE NEED SUMMER STAFF GIRLS TO WORK AT WINDY GAP! ANY TAKERS?" -- or something along those lines. I pretty much jumped out of my pants when I saw that. I have been applying everywhere to get a summer staff position!! I applied pretty late though so just about all of the camps were full when I would call and ask. I immediately started bugging Kyle about it and a few moments later I got a call from him telling me to contact the lady at Windy Gap (those are kids at windy gap in the other photo). They have a couple of spots open I believe. I have NO idea what positions they will be but frankly-- I don't care! Anywhoo, she said she would call me this morning after they had looked over my application to let me know what they thought. With that in my mind -- everytime I think I hear my phone vibrate I freak out and open my drawer like a spaz and see that low and behold, it's simply a text message. I wish I had a little clippy for it to attach to my belt like my dad does. He is so hip and cool. Back to Windy Gap - It is located a few minutes north of Asheville, NC. Talk about some beautiful weather there! 80 degree highs... ahhhh such a break from the scorching Tejas heat. (Yes I meant to say Tejas). I would be gone for about 3 weeks. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it's not really working. Bahaha.

Side note-- you know when you haven't really had anything to drink or eat all day but for some reason your stomach decides it needs to burp? Well, that just happened to me and I tried to keep it inside so no one would hear right? That didn't quite work. I'm pretty sure it echoed in my stomach and this guy just happened to walk by my desk right as I did it. I tried to cough or sniff or something to take away from the bellowing in my stomach. I don't think I hid it that well. HAHA.

Alright well, I talked to the people at Windy Gap and they are still waiting to review my app... come on, come on!!! I'm getting impatient!!

Another side note-- I did away with the aquafina bottles.. I did recycle them!! Maybe I'll GET THE SAME BOTTLES AGAIN ANOTHER TIME! How crazy would that be. To have even a smidge of the same piece of plastic that once rested on my desk. So cool.

Danget, I wanted a starburst and the woman who supplies the "goods" has her door locked. OF COURSE.

I'll keep you updated on my Windy Gap. HAHA that sounds hilarious.

Goodbye my blogalicious people.


  1. I hope you get the job in Asheville . . 80 degree weather sounds down right chilly about now! I'm sure you'll let us know about it asap via your blog, facebook, myspace and Twitter (oh you aren't on twitter yet?! better sign up!).

    :) Kate

    ps Molly and Frank have their own blog too. There is an entire post about Franklin's hairdos over the years.